Ho, Ho, Meow…

Are you in denial that it’s mid-December already? I am! Much like time, not everything that flies has to have wings, just ask Santa and Rudolph. However, not everything has to fly to remind me of this magical time of year. Take cats for example. There will be plenty of pet shopping for the kids. There will be kittens swatting at tree ornaments. Tails getting stepped on, and fatso castsos stealing a swig of Santa’s milk. But my question is, what do you do when your furball brings home a dead mouse and drops it on the front porch? Cats are really good at being independent and woefully bad at giving gifts. They don’t care how you feel. “Here’s a mouse, enjoy!”

Little presents
Photo by Joshua Arnott

If you plan to give a gift, don’t be like a cat. Actually get to know the person and discover their needs and desires. Only then will your expression of gratitude and/or love not fall like a stiff putrid mouse carcass on the front porch. Next post, a more delightful take…

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