One of my mentors, a truly remarkable man, is a retired LAPD detective – read his book and you will see how that career shaped him (and many others like him) as he faced the forces of good and evil.

While many of society’s slugabeds are popularizing not so thoughtful agenda’s with catchy phrases like “defund (Is that even a word?) the police” I am left to reflect on my own encounters with the boys in blue. Crazy to say, but yes (in my misguided youth), I found myself in the back of squad car on more than one occasion. I have been pulled over in cars and on bicycle. I have been let off the hook, ticketed, sent to court and done community service. I’ve been treated fairly just as I have been ridiculed and mocked. Such is life, there are good and bad people in every profession and that leads to both good and bad encounters. After all that, I personally am grateful for the police.

Porsche 911T
Photo by Thomas Hawk

I learned a lesson from my beloved aunt long ago. Driving down the road I noticed that she rapidly flashed the vehicle’s headlights at the oncoming traffic. “Aunty Elaine, why did you do that?” She went on to explain that it was a way of notifying the other driver that there was a speed trap up ahead and that they should slow down if necessary. Ah, no wonder the other other car would flash back as if to say “thanks!”

Don’t want police? Try this, don’t give them employment! (I’m afraid our education system skipped the lessons on supply and demand.) Not everyone will be a law abiding citizen, it’s not realistic, I get it. But can you be one? What about your friends? Can you influence them? What if we “flashed our lights” every time we saw someone “speeding“?

For everyone getting smashed with a baton, squirt with pepper spray, or dodging bullets (albeit mostly without success) – there was probably a friend or family member that could have said something along the way, but didn’t.

THE CHALLENGE: Guide our youth. Teach right from wrong along with the associated consequences. In other words, flash your headlights! Click this link to find out how a neighbor flashed his lights at me.

2 thoughts on “SOUND OF THE POLICE

  1. All I can say is thank you for the wonderful words written and eternal example you continue to set as a husband, father, friend and son of God. It is I who should be thanking you for the impact you and your family have had on my life.
    I watched when a young missionary arrived in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission to serve his fellowmen for two years. I watched your trials, your highs, and your lows. I was there as you developed those Christlike characteristics that served you so very well in the United States Navy. And I have been blessed to see you marry the right person, for the right reason in the right place. And for this decision, you have been and will continue to be eternally blessed.
    So while I am humbled at the accolades you have so graciously given, it is I who should be thanking you for always setting and living the highest standards. I am grateful that I listened when a still small voice whispered, especially when I provided counsel and direction to you and your stalwart companions who so bravely and righteously wore that remarkable, black plastic nametag that identified each of you as representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Well done my eternal friend, well done. Your words touched my heart and in conclusion, I want to thank you for recognizing my years of service to the law enforcement community and later to my fellowmen.


  2. You are the best! I was reading along and just about fell out of my chair. You see, I knew who you were referring to! I’m glad you learned your lessons “while in your youth.”


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