How to Break Bread

A bird landed in my backyard and started to peck at a stale chunk of bread. Can’t blame him – he was hungry. Then, out of nowhere another bird swooped in and snatched the morsel from its beak and flew away.


I often hear the term “break bread” as it refers to social interaction. “Hey, let’s go break some bread.” In other words, it’s time for us to hang out. Hanging out with people takes precious time – herein lies the lesson.

Spending time with friends is great. But how often do we get “spammed“? How many social interactions do you engage in that are a mile wide, yet paper thin?  How often do you let others take you hostage with shallow conversations?

In an attempt to leave work on time today I got stopped by several individuals, one after the other, in sequence. I lost almost an hour of my day. Nothing that was said was truly relevant. Nothing was urgent and all of it could have waited for tomorrow. I allowed them to steal my bread and fly away.

THE CHALLENGE: When someone spams you – when they approach you like a pop-up ad – remember, you have the option to hit the “skip advertisement” button. Guard your bread!

Photo by Tom Lee

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