Mind Your Mice

It was a sunny afternoon, bad day for the mice.


My kids jumped out of the car onto the sun baked asphalt. “Awwww, Dad look!  Baby mice!” Sure enough, three blind mice (the fourth was squished by a car).

I found it rather ironic that we were in the church parking lot. I had a chance to be the good Samaritan and save these helpless vermin. We could have easily used a piece of scrap paper and relocated them to the relative safety of the nearby shrubs. I made a decision to let nature take its course.

“Don’t worry kids, mama mouse will run back out to collect her litter.” We glanced back after crossing the parking lot. Three mice dancing in the hot sun, but no mama. I stuck to my decision.

Ten minutes later I ran back to my car for a pen. The mice were a bit more mobile but still needed rescuing. The odds were stacked against them – blind, no fur, no footing, rolling around in a parking lot, and there was not a cloud in sight. Again, I stuck to my decision rationalizing that they were just “pests” and we were in a residential area. Then the inevitable happened, a car pulled up and pancaked the remaining three rodents. In the moment, I second guessed my decision not to help.  But this is precisely the lesson I was willing (if not aiming) to teach my kids, that death is real. That nature is foul and therefore – foul is fair. That there is a cycle of life and something would eventually eat those mice dead or alive. That parents need to take responsibility. That there are hazards all around us and if we aren’t careful we will face bunny’s dilemma. That not all decisions are easy.

THE CHALLENGE: We often give up on our goals long before we give birth to them. What happens after we “give birth.” When you launch your project do you behave like mama mouse? Do you drop your litter off in an unforgiving environment? How many projects have you started in a stillborn fashion? Now is the time to do it right. i.e. Don’t start a diet in a bakery. Go attack your dreams even if YOU are the one who feels blind…just don’t forget to mind your mice.

Photo by Mark Seton

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