Your Name Again?

Tell me your name for the first time and I will likely forget it.  I’m talking within five seconds.  No, really!  (I’m working on this, I promise.)

I have to share this story.  While traveling for work I boarded an airline.  The attendant assigned to scan boarding passes was extraordinary (we’ll call her “Lakesia” since I forgot the name – see above). Lakesia would look at the boarding pass, then look at the individual and smile. Fairly routine right?  So I thought.

Then out of nowhere, she makes her way down the jetway.  I hear, “Excuse me Mr. Jones, sorry Mr. and Mrs. Griffen, Mr. Donaldson I’m right behind you, coming through Miss Powell, Awww, Jyreese looks so adorable today.”  On and on she went as she made her way to the plane.  She called out the name of every 3rd or 4th person.

I was astonished!  I was not only floored at her ability to connect names and faces in such a brief moment but also to see something so far above and beyond the minimum requirement.  You just don’t see that every day – or to be a bit more accurate, NEVER!


(1) Give exceptional service.  Find a way to stand out, not for your sake, but for the sake of those you serve.

(2) When you come across people who give extraordinary service, thank them. Recognize them.  Write the company.  Talk to a manager.  Tip them.  Let them know you appreciate their diligent effort!  (In the case mentioned above, I failed to do this.  That was was equally extraordinary…but in the realm of failure.)

(3) When someone tells you their name, remember it.

Photo by Melissa Maples

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