“Don’t Bee a Hypocrite”

Thus far, my writings have turned out to be a swarm of ways to say essentially the same thing – that is to “Decisively execute the process of self-improvement.” Every day has been a new adventure in self-examination, idea expression and life observation.

I look for the best in others but am acutely aware of our shortfalls. Every challenge I give to “you” is also to “me.” Each time I point at you, the four fingers turned back at me are supercharged with interrogation.

I grow fruit trees. Spring has therefore grown to be my favorite time of year. I love to watch bees flip from flower to flower. No bees, no fruit, simple. I’ve watched documentaries and read a number of articles on colony collapse disorder (although to be fair, there is an opposing view). I’ve listened to lectures from a number of specialists speak to the value of bees and honey. I understand their importance in the cycle of life. Or do I?

In a few moments, I will execute a plan to bury an underground hive. I will fill a few buckets with beach sand and dump it upon the hive entrance.


Nobody asked me to do this. Nobody gave me the idea. I knew I preferred this method to chemicals and that I wouldn’t be doing it if there wasn’t a very high potential for the swarm to attack a number of shipmates during a training evolution. I watched a bee from this nest make several attempts to sting today and I cringed at the thought of a throng of buzzing madness. Did I do the right thing? I will know on Thursday. Unfortunately for the bees, a decision had to be made today. And, fortunately, I can dig them out in less than 48 hours. It might not work, but worth a try.

THE CHALLENGE: Not everything is black and white. In life, you will be tested to see exactly where you stand on principles that you hold most dear. It is not always easy, especially when the decision has benefits either way. Sometimes it’s a matter of determining if the benefit outweighs the associated risk. Sometimes it’s a matter of thinking fast under pressure. It might be a decision to stay committed to the long haul. The variables are infinite. Sometimes you will be right. Sometimes you will be wrong. Sometimes we may feel like hypocrites.  Sometimes we are. When a wrong choice is made in ignorance, remember that “Failure is an event, not a person.” Our personal development is a process.

Photo by skiena

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