Horse Power Vs. Horsepower

Recently I took my daughter treasure hunting at the swap meet. While commuting on the highway we got stuck behind a horse trailer towed by a shiny red pickup truck. The horse stood as if in prison. We couldn’t help but wonder what the horse would say if it could speak to us.

At the swap meet we encountered dozens of artifacts and books depicting man’s relationship to this beautiful animal.

How interesting it is to live in a time where we now pull the horse. If past generations could enjoy what we now take for granted, what would they do with it? How is it that we can ever complain?

We can now trade four legs for four wheels and with mechanical horse power sit in a climate controlled box rich in safety features, and while listening to music, be directed turn by turn, to roll our (lazy) selves to another box filled with isles and isles of groceries. We can lock our modern ‘horses’ up with the click of a button, yet we still fight for the closest spot at the shopping center – and, ironically…even the gym.

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