Bunny’s Dilemma

In his outstanding book “Antifragile” author Nassim Taleb discusses the danger of data. He explains that effort spent collecting data on the eye color of pedestrians crossing the road can make you miss the big truck.

Are there any trucks in your life? What might you be overlooking?

I related to my five year old son that I ran over a rabbit while driving to work last week. I explained that it dashed beneath my car without a warning. I expected him to express a sigh of sympathy.  I was prepared to explain how birds benefit from the rabbit’s trouncing.  Instead he said with great zeal, “Well dad, that bunny should have looked both ways!

Consider examining what data you are collecting.  Is it necessary? How can you avoid overlooking what matters most? What will you do to look both ways?

Metaphorically speaking, there is plenty of roadkill to go around.  How can you be like the crow and capitalize on this food?  How much time do you invest learning from the mistakes of others?

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