Get Out of The Cave

I marvel every day at how different everyone’s world view is. We all see and experience life differently. Most of it is experienced in our own head. It takes wisdom to see what is really in front of us. Plato’s allegory of the cave is worth contemplation. (see video below)

Plato aside, everything casts a shadow…but the shadow is not the object…it can’t be grasped…it is almost like an illusion. Why do we spend so much time examining a monotone shade of grey void of three dimensional shape when the very object that casts it is full of rich insignia, sparkling gems and fine textures?

Next time you feel your emotions getting the best of you, pause to consider if you are looking at a shadow. Next, consider if the person offending you is looking at a shadow, thus driving the disillusionment. If there are no shadows involved, you now have a concrete starting point.

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