Don’t Drop Your Nuts

(1) Grab a bag of peanuts.

(2) Reach in the bag and withdraw a LARGE overflowing handful.  I’m talking maximum capacity.  (Notice how the shells seem to work in unison, as if they all had a unique assignment.)

(3) Set the handful of peanuts down on a flat surface such as a table.

(4) Using only one hand, pick up the peanuts in one attempt. (Notice how each peanut has taken on a new position.  It’s as if they’ve been reassigned and no longer work in harmony)

If your original handful was large enough you will notice one thing.  Failure.  Some of the nuts will still remain on the table.

I observed this phenomena by chance and was pleased to discover that it contained the following lesson.  We are often the beneficiary of great ideas and ambition.  At first these ideas/goals/dreams/aspirations are almost too hot to handle.  So, we put them down thinking we can grasp them again….only to be met with one thing.  Failure!

Next time you feel inspired, act immediately!  Don’t put the idea down.  Sure you can use “two hands” to grasp all the content.  But that just means more work and less magic.

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