The Oldest Trick in the Book

Have you identified your f7? There isn’t a chess player alive who hasn’t fallen for a ‘gimmicky’ checkmate. The most common of these occur when a white bishop and white queen unite to bear down on black’s f7 square.

I fell for this trap today. It only took a total of 7 moves. How is it that I can fall for the “oldest trick in the book” – even after many hundreds of games throughout my life? I’m still in disbelief!

The opposition in your life goes straight for your f7 doesn’t it? You know what goal you have or what habit you want to break. Perhaps these perpetually go unrealized. Why? Because we persist in falling for the oldest trick in the book. We know the booby traps and trip wires. Unlike my loss today, we are not “surprised” when we meet with repeated failure. That thorn in the flesh doesn’t go away until YOU do something about it.

So that’s the defense in a nutshell. Here’s what this principle looks like offensively…

It’s been said that “we all have a goose that slow cooks.” This explains why we enjoy going blow for blow and round for round when it only takes seconds to kill a man. We sit at life’s chess board expecting to take the scenic route. We want the long haul.

I propose we save some gas. What if we all introduced a few more shortcuts in our lives? You know, trim the fat a little bit. Let’s face it, every problem has an f7 square. Now go identify it and attack! Just go for the kill and move on to the next chapter in your life. Time isn’t waiting for you. Nor is it waiting for me. There is no pause button.



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