Business Cards = Dinosaur Bones

Order some business cards.  Get 500 free!  Here…take a thousand.  As a matter of fact, throw in a few more bucks and get yourself FIVE-THOUSAND.

Because why???

When is the last time you talked to this many people?  As a matter of fact, chances are you haven’t talked to one of your neighbors (ever), don’t know their name/s, don’t know what makes them tick. Maybe THIS would be a good starting point.

Think about any meaningful relationship you’ve ever had.  Did it start with a business card?  Would your spouse, significant other, best friend or mentor not have gained access to your heartstrings without that carte de visite?

What business gets the biggest chunk of your dollars?  Do you pull out their business card every time you drop some green?  Who gives you the bulk of their paycheck?  Was it because of a 3.5″ x 2″ piece of cardstock?  Were your graphics THAT compelling?  Maybe so…but, probably not!

So, before you order some business cards try this out.  TALK TO PEOPLE.  Yes, actually talk!  Ask questions, be interested.  Find out their needs.  Fill the hole.  Be a solution!  Say, “Hey, do you mind if I shoot you a text with my contact info?”

If the potential client is too lazy to write down your number on the spot, they will be too lazy to call you down the road.  Of course, that’s if they aren’t too lazy to even maintain the card in the first place.

The business card is dead.  It’s a dead tree that represents lots of dead relationships.  Paleontologists are cool and all, but you don’t have to be one.

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